If cannabis was a womxn, they'd be a Black womxn

March 27, 2019

We hear the catchphrase "living your truth" a lot these days. I remember Britney Spears echoing the phrase a lot in her early 20's and it seems to be the echoed calling of people who have or are experiencing the cycle that is existentialism. 

When I define what living in my truth is, I find that the truth is harder to unpack than I previously believed. My truth has come at the cost of relinquishing pounds of lies I have carried about myself, about cannabis and about the world. 

Often in this line of work, my heart is often broken. Broken at the sight of racial disparities, crushed by ignorance and shortsightedness. When I decided to put a piece of art over my chest, it was done so with the dual purpose of healing and protecting the axis of my existence. The point in which all of my intersections seem to merge. Heart health, visualized. 

Involving cannabis in my next tattoo was extremely important. It's not only a reminder to myself of the multifaceted importance of full spectrum cannabinoid therapy (CBN/Cannabinol  is a minor cannabinoid and under researched as a heart, lung and spinal therapy option). I wanted a solid reminder of the importance of minor players in a symphony of change.

To say I identify with a plan seems silly but the plant is fighting for existence. Her voice silenced by stigma and coerced deception motivated by greed. Influenced by weather and their immediate environment, yet strong enough to withstand nature's advances. Able to survive, thrive and fulfill herself when alone. Designed to diversify her co-created offerings. 

If cannabis was a womxn, they'd be a black womxn



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