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December 19, 2018



I get a lot of questions. Questions about pregnancy from people who aren't pregnant, questions about cannabis from people who don't consume it. I love being the bridge between two worlds and I love the interaction and welcome anyone to reach out... that means you, reader.  If I had had a lady on the internet to ask these questions to, my nights would have been more restful and my days full of more clarity and acceptance! 

I created CannaDoula to be a spark in a conversation not about the theory of cannabis use before, during and after pregnancy....but to actually support the already flourished common culture of cannabis consumers.

If you have a question, check if it's one of my Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions below as well as browse the blog and if the answer isn't there, hit me up (day/night) and I'll continue trying my best to get back to you all 

Is Cannabis and Breastfeeding okay?

Visit my blog post on cannabis consumption while pregnant
. While there have been few long term studies on cannabis and breast milk (safe from other external or internal factors), it is still suggested that exclusive breastfeeding continue even with cannabis being consumed. 


Do I need to stop consuming while pregnant?

Again, I touch on this in my blog but the pros have to outweigh the cons to continue consumer cannabis. I never suggest that cannabis be used as a safer recreational substance, that it can be considered safer than necessary pharmaceuticals or that it's smoked form is the top method of consumption for the pregnant person. Canna use during pregnancy is still a delicate dance to obtaining functional homeostasis. 


Can I get my medical marijuana card while pregnant?


So's not likely, depending on your area. A person would need to have an illness either chronic or acute that causes such distress to the body that the acknowledged medical benefits of cannabis would be deemed appropriate to prescribe. Things like hyperemesis gravidarum, severe prenatal diabetes (also known as Gestational Diabetes) or a physical disability. 

That doesn't mean that your card isn't valid if you become pregnant during it's active year! You are more than welcome to go to dispensaries, canna events or medicate if you so choose. Your card's validity however, will not save you from possible investigation by DHS agencies if they are notified by a mandated reporter (hospital staff, medical assistants, teachers etc). 


Most certification centers in medical states have a policy in place to deter cannabis use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. That means if you get your card postpartum, you need to prove you aren't breastfeeding or provide a written statement that you do not plan to breastfeed. 

If you have a more in depth inquiry, I'm happy to announce a new service option for a one time E-Doula Sesh where we can sit down and chat about all things cannabis. **These new sessions will be limited each week and first come first serve..

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