Cannabis Topicals For Pregnancy

June 25, 2018


Stretch marks, skin irritation and over all body inflammation are benchmarks of pregnancy. As the body grows and weight fluctuates,  the skin (your largest organ) takes it all in stride. More and more, pregnant people are wanting additional relief that traditional lotions, butters or salves just can't provide.


Cannabis-infused body products are changing the game when it comes to skincare. Since cannabis oil works best in all natural carriers, products on the market are usually organic and often times vegan Additionally, they provide aromatic therapy with an array of essential oil blends.

Stretch marks  

Stretch marks hit us all. Some worse than others and pregnancy is not a requirement to  have them. Stretch marks, especially ones that are  painful to the touch or those that have torn the first epidermal layers, a special blend of Shea butter, rose oil and cannabis oil, and a warm but not hot towel applied to the skin before bed can do wonders to relieve discomfort. You can also apply this liberally before a warm sitz bath to create your own bombless bath bomb experience. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot and soak for 30 minutes or more if possible.


Skin irritations and rashes

They can be a nightmare because too much moisture can exacerbate problems, while too little can cause cracking, peeling and other damage. During my 1st pregnancy, my skin stretched so rapidly that they looked more like angry claw marks from inside. Damn, right? Coconut oil infused with cannabis oil and applied with a cotton ball or metal ball roller to clean, dry skin can give temporary relief from minor dermatitis. The anti-inflammatory cannabis oil will reduce swelling as well. Let the application set for 5-10 minutes before rubbing into the area.


Since cannabis topicals don’t break the blood barrier, you can rest easy knowing your body relaxation is controllable, discrete and a long lasting option, free of any psychoactive effects. There are numerous products on the market that contain THC, CBD or CBN. Depending on the legality of cannabis in your area, you may or may not have access to the products in the potency you require. There are methods of creating your own medicated lotions, salves and ointments. Some of my favorite recipes can be found on Yogi Corrine Tobias' blog "Wake and Bake". 

I encourage my clients to venture out and try products to find what works best for them. I love supporting new cannabis infusion businesses in my area and suggest planning  a visit to local dispensaries, looking beyond the flower towards the amazing topicals they may carry. Remember that only THC-infused products are ineligible for cross-state shipping. CBD alone most certainly does the trick for most clients and is legal in all 50 states. I personally like 420Skincare out of ArizonaCheck social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for reputable skin care lines that provide safe, quality  products in your area.


Whatever your topical method, be consistent with application and enjoy!


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