My time, like yours is valuable. How valuable is your time? Do you do well rolling out your own projects without help or a guiding voice? Do you sit with ideas or half visualize creativity because you don't have true accountability? 

You need a fucking doula. Doula's are often described similarly to coaches, but really we are trained peer-to-peer counselors ready and willing to dive deeper than the professional coach popularized in an epic resurgence of coaching. 

CannaDoula has a specific market that it corners and that is the cannabis community. Are you a member of this community and struggling to scale your passion? CannaDoula is your accountability buddy and journey guide. Periodt! 

Your visions, your goals and your dreams are all valid, but take true actualization practices to manifest. By training and educating in the doulaism model of support, Compassion, Diversity, Transparency, Inclusivity , Philomathy , WILL see an uptick and your ability to manage your mission and level up your productivity. 

I do best motivating others. I've worker as a SEO specialist for numerous companies in the Phoenix Metro and have maintained a solid and devoted 4 digital audience since 2013. Small and active is the organic approach to my growth strategies when it comes to scaling up. Join me on a journey of collaboration and connectivity!


If your goal is personally drivien, I'm your partner and guide. Need accountability? I'm in your face and I don't let up. I'll even submit myself to similar guidelines of a particular goal to better align my compassion and empathetic energy Example taergets of this energy: 

Self love and admiration challenges
Excevation of trauma 
Fasting or body health restrictions
Physical activity goals 


Expect between 2-10 emails in our correspondence. It takes time, words, and maybe a live chat or two to really dive deep and excavate the underlying issue that has brought you to my humble shack of intuitive doulaism. This requires a scheduled and time blocked commitement. When you say you will do, YOU WILL DO. When I dedicate and submit myself to the same experience I expect a very real resiprical relationship. In person meetings are available when possible. 


My support is provided whether or not you adhere to my suggestions and advice. There will be no guilt or manipulative practice as your reasons for deviation are 100% valid. This is about being held accountable, not hostage, to your word.


My devoltion is unmatched. Commitmemnt is a valuable service.



CannaDoula Cultivation Coaching

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