Why Dispensaries Don't Celebrate Black History Month

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

It's almost the end of February! Valentine's Day and President's Day behind us, it is also a wrap up a coveted American holiday in which the majority of the country reduces the accomplishments of an entire people down to 7 or 8 figures that have either died, been killed or been imprisoned....or exiled. Black History Month in the canna industry, yet again, has been left untouched by marketing teams and it still baffles me considering 16% of US black African American citizens consume canna. 2% more than non-black citizens. This means a larger part of your market celebrates Black History Month than they do...say...President's Day. One of the most ridiculous holidays meant to commemorate 45 documented articles of trash (one's trash is other one's treasure surely applies here) that have for all intent and purpose have done more harm than good to those cannabis consuming African Americans specifically over the last 25 years of prohibition.

So WHY do dispensaries fail to celebrate the accomplishments of black people, even if hyper-focused on our contributions to Canna history Canna present and CannaFuture?

They don't know how to talk about Black they don't They don't know anything about Black History within the canna community They reduce black consumption of cannabis to be a kitschy "Jamaican" thing

They reduce black consumption of cannabis to be a stereotypical "urban" pastime

They are run by companies who would rather appease and keep white customers comfortable in their ignorance

I don't get paid by these dispensaries and canna companies to even attempt to fix these problems for them. They should acknowledge these issues but without them being pointed out, they exist continuing their beliefe that Black History Month isn't real. Just as Women's History Month isn't real. Real holidays like Cinco De Mayo (appropriated drinking day) and St. Patricks Day (appropriated drinking day), 4th of July and Valentine's Day. Consumer holidays over educational holidays. What the shit?!

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