Femmes saying other Femmes names is the biggest, most isolating of echo chambers. That's #sayhername

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I've been hesitant to post or talk about this particular subject because I wanted to make sure my perspective on this was accurate and not based on previous assumptions and experiences involving violence against black and brown Femmes.

However, as we embark on the last week of June, it becomes ever clearer that the fight for black lives continues to avoid intersections at all costs.

Breonna Taylor is a household name for a large portion of the country, that notoriety and increased public interest has not culminated in a large scale demonstration by a collective of different organizations.

There has been no continuing national and international coverage of this case or it's an investigation. Tuesday, the PD fired one of the officers involved in the shooting. No knock raids were banned by the CITY. Dassit....

As much as people want to use their own anecdotal experiences within their own social media bubbles, the fact Still Remains that George Floyd's name echoed for weeks after his death while Breanna Taylor's name is known but underrepresented.

It's no surprise to me that this is the societal reaction. In some ways, I believe many have been able to find fault in the actions of Brianna and her boyfriend as law enforcement illegally raided their small apartment. Often when black brown people use weapons to aid in self-defense, there is an irrational reaction to find fault within the victim's narrative.

" if he hadn't fired first "
" if she didn't have a gun "

... negating the fact that it's perfectly legal to stand your ground and protect your dwelling with weapon force if necessary.

When a home is raided by law enforcement, this is no simple no knock.

The door is busted off its hinges as numerous officers pile into a home.

"Within reason" they are allowed to speak aggressively and without respect or regard to human decency.

Their lights are blinding, purposefully so and the experience is designed to bring upon people their fight or flight responses.

There is absolutely no reason why this should happen to anyone. There are other ways of apprehending individuals. There should be no fatal mistakes possible, ever.

This is the training that is necessary to demilitarize law enforcement. There is no defunding without demilitarization first, and if Breanna Taylor and her partner had not defended themselves, I bet there would be a greater public outcry with tose dynamics shifted slightly.

This treatment of her death reminds me of Korryn Gaines, the woman who was shot in her home while standing ground with her gun as they tried to serve her a traffic stop warrant

So here we are, weeks upon weeks after a woman was wrongfully murdered in her home by law enforcement officials and her story is well known and documented but we see no large-scale organized protest or action.

Just lots and lots of online performative activism, requesting us to call numbers and demand justice. That is the least a group of activists can request of people. This is the same secondary action churned out whenever a black femme dies. Thanks for the "awareness", now what do we do with it?

Black Femmes saying other Black Femmes names in the biggest, most isolating of echo chambers. That's #sayhername

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