Doulaism & Advocacy

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Doulaism as a whole can provide next-level advocacy by providing safe places for their clients to openly normalize their consumption.

Clients who consume as part of their personal wellness routines are often led blindly by brand marketing, dispensary agent’s advice, and propaganda. These mixed messages on dosing, the safety of products among other things can leave these clients with no one to turn to.

When clients come to a CannaDoula, they are more often than not, between a rock and a hard place. They may have access to medicine but no one to discuss their wellness strategies.

It’s possible that they live in a state without access to medicinal quality products leaving their options extremely limited and their anxiety over persecution heightened. By having a competent support guide, their chances of successfully entering parenthood as patients or consumers without complication only increase.

Private Doulas enter into contracts with clients with the shared understanding that support and advocacy for their rights come before any provider’s policy. The reason why private doulas have the freedom to become advocates is that no private entity can enact policy against such practice. This wouldn’t be true of a doula or peer-support specialist. Private doulas stand to be an impenetrable forcefield for their clients.

When doula signs on to support a consumer, personal preconceptions must be kept just that: personal. It may be that doula believes in limiting these products while pregnant. If a client finds comfort in this consumption method, it cannot obstruct the client/doula relationship. Doulas, after all, are figures of self-advocacy. The respect of personal choice is what we are protecting with every person we sign on with.

Experience has shown that no one wants to be first in a new area of support for fear of backlash or incident. It is in gaining knowledge about this plant therapy and the endocannabinoid system that medical professionals including midwives stand to open themselves up to a largely ignored client demographic. It is by deciding personally NOT to report patients who are parents based on medical use alone, engaging in continued education on the ECS and cannabinoid therapies and supporting consuming further research.

Doulaism as a whole can provide next-level advocacy by providing safe places for their clients to openly normalize their consumption. The easiest way to normalize and de-stigmatize is by talking freely about plant therapy. A client may want to medicate in front of you or with you. Whether or not you partake, your client will have a sense of calm unmatched by any other care professional they may see. Allowing you to create and hold that safe space for them so they can truly put down their barriers.

Beyond doulas and peer-supporters, there are numerous reproductive health-related professionals in the world who too would benefit from openly advocating for alternative medicine options for their clients.

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