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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I'm different than a life coach, okay? Don't dislike them, just don't identify my energy and magic like that...

As life doula, my role and my work are never really over. This is because I support my clients and students through the entirety of our relationship, which could be some months or a few years. Life doula work supports the full spectrum of lived events.

A doulas role is first and foremost to hold space for a person and provide them with the appropriate levels of physical emotional and spiritual support. There is little room for my own specific " branded " lifestyle. My job is to support the journey my clients and students are on, doing little to disturb their process of growth and constant rebirth.

Cannabis is my plant-based savior. It aligns me with my most authentic self and enables my work and outreach within my communities. Cannabis is a thin line that binds so many together, making for groups of diverse and long underserved communities. The truest definition of Doula is a person of submissive service. I fully serve the cannabis plant and it’s global healing properties.

The true value of a constant line of support is unimaginable. A life doula is a constant line of support, a professional who finds reciprocity as the driving force 4 laying Witness to countless individuals and their unique life landscape.

It's my hope that my work sheds light on this necessary role in our society. People need a confidant of multifaceted wisdom and a natural and reaffirming passion for justice, equality, and reverence. It should be normalized within our culture to seek out individuals like a life doula, like peer support professionals beyond their family and friends he can't provide the same level of thoughtful care.

I wouldn't expect a family friend to listen to my concerns about anxiety and to then you know...go and read/research and share information and resources through email or private message.

It's a huge undertaking checking in twice or more weekly.. on top of living their everyday lives that have nothing to do with this line of supportive work.

In a time of fluctuating isolation (especially if we add canna to any type of social isolation) a life doula will provide long-term beneficial support beyond what a life coach, financial coach, or relationship coach would be able to accomplish. The underlying root causes of a client needing those coaching what a life doula is purposed for; processing, analyzing, and surrendering to past events and present circumstances in our lives that influence our future. A fitness coach doesn't have time to unpack your racism or give you spiritual guidance.

My life doula services are specially crafted to each individual but follow a similar monetary guideline as sustainability it's so vital to this work. When people ask me how much I charge for my services it's hard to give them a perfectly itemized menu to peruse. Sure, I have baseline services at reasonable rates per session, I offer one-on-one peer support, and I also have event-specific contracts for things like couples mediation, pregnancy consultations, miscarriage and abortion support, as well birth and postpartum services. Many of these services are totally available but cant is the center of my universe. Life is so much more than one thing or the other. I'm your Morpheus

I do this work and put it to the universe for my needs to be met so I can continue. This is a true passion for the project.

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