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Holy shit, right? I don't think the country has been this on edge and panic-driven since 9/11 and that is saying something because that shit was INSANE and changed so many things for so many people. The ripple effect by the event itself was nothing compared to the ripple created by the REACTION to this event.

Reaction and the reality of our choices to react are at the root of the "We're In This Together"

campaigns of late. The idea is that if we all react to this pandemic with the same level of seriousness, we can eradicate a global health crisis in record time.

I think it's an absolutely fantastic effort, though I'd argue we have numerous ongoing pandemics including absolutely deplorable infant mortality rates around the world... that's my reproductive advocate voice speaking.

What I've noticed about the reaction the past week is:

  • We demand too much of our youth

  • Elders are both the victim and the enemy

  • Collectively we suffer from delusional entitlement to the control other's behave

I've seen a back and forth narrative about how "young people" and their reactions to the Corona Virus. I think it's worth noting that expecting such emotional and moral maturity is wrong and shows just how detached we are from our former, more youthful selves. As a millennial, I vividly remember 9/11. I've met some of us that don't but ask anyone and they have a story to tell of where they were and what happened the first 72 hours after. However, I promise you that these same people cannot remember what happened after that time and that the memories are connected to other tent poles of their past. This is a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder.

I truly believe that our youth are in a state of trauma and that their reaction to it is completely normal. Rather than shaming them, I think it's time for us to embrace and work with their reactions. Equally important, as a millennial, I understand the annoyance of being lumped together with all the most negative aspects of your generation. I don't demonize Gen Z for their reactions to this crisis.

I know I didn't understand the severity of the magnitude of planes flying into buildings. I wondered why people "kept talking about it".

I see that same reaction in my young children right now. My daughter hates DJ MarkKeyz for creating music based on the prophetic Cardi B Livestream. My son wants to go back to school. He's bored of the news we old people keep listening to and he's confused but minutely phased by empty shelves at the grocery store.

This will come back to them later. Our reaction to their processing of this time will go down in their permanent memory. Do we want to be finger pointers in their memories? Is this the first chance we Millenials have to defend the rightful immaturity and naivety of the younger ones come up behind us? I think so...

This theme of age is at the core of this crisis and elders are in an interesting position. In one way, this failure and collapse of social structures and workforces built before our time is a tarnished relic of those first reported as at risk: those 55+. It is not a stretch to say that the stubbornness and rigidity of elders when exposed to change or progression leave many of us in a powerless position. We have been begging and pleading for authority and have thus far directed most of this towards those older than us.

Now, we in our youthful exuberance, hold within our bodies the balance we have so desperately craved. This is a totally radical mindfuck, and it's insane to think that this has been a culmination of manifestations and karmic retribution.

It's at this time that we should be embracing elders and caring for them as they cared for us...but there is a catch. They must be willing to allow us to consent to care for them in our own way. This is the brunt of resistance for us with our elders. We are the children of the future. The generation whose identities formed after the Red Pill. As such, we face life and reality in a completely new and innovative way. We care in a completely new and innovative way. Accepting us as we are so that we can love in the ways we feel best is facing elders head-on at this time. The older the elder, the more startling this experience.

The playing field of these reactions is founded in an entitlement to the control of others’ behaviors.

So busy, many of us are, at focusing on what others are doing instead of what we are and can do. I like to worry about both things but multitasking is a born skill.


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