"Canna changes lives", said the generic T-shirt ad on Instagram

Simple but true, through canna, many things are possible.

Canna allows people to explore the full integration of the mind and body. Even people with severe Cannabinoid Hyperemesis are faced with social and medical complexities that require deep introspection.

I don't think I realized how much this plant is willing to teach me about myself and my life long goals (should I live long enough to meet them all).

My body is a vessel and I've been told this my whole life. "For what?" has always been the question. Rather than a linear and depressing model of "civilized" human success, I've envisioned something more reasonable for my creative mind

My body is a vessel for cannabis-infused humanity. I am a growth on the planet, a small Tricom of a thing, trying to do my best to reach and stretch myself to my absolute limits, procreating and nourishing as I continue to wrap my vines around my support pillars of compassion and diversity.

I'm a fantastic growth, yall. It's up to you if you are invasive, drought-resistant, heat-sensitive, or toxic. I choose to be a living and breathing representation of my favorite plant. She sets such a good example.

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