Traditional Doulaism + Cannabis Advocacy


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Meet The CannaDoula 

Doula, advocate, mom and motivator

As the CannaDoula, Jocelyn Adele Thomas takes traditional doula support pillars and applies the same concepts in order to support members of canna-communities as a Life Doula.

She is the supportive midwife as you birth your true self and creates a safe space for these times in your life. The one you bounce ideas off of, the friend who quells your feats of the inevitability of a chaotic world. That is Jocelyn. That is CannaDoula

Through numerous life events from medicinal advocacy, health & wellness peer support to the life long fight for body autonomy, the place in your personal journey is where The CannaDoula will meet you.

With my intuitive and evidence-based guidance, It is my absolute pleasure to serve my communities in numerous capacities in which Life Doula support is deemed essential.

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"[CannaDoula] Joce was perfect in facilitating communication between her client and our caregivers."

 Midwife Linda Nelson

"Questioning whether or not to hire her? DO IT! She is all about #teamyou and will inform and support you..."

Darby Cline


"I can't recommend her services enough, even just for an hour to get questions answered by someone very professional and well educated in the field of cannabis and pregnancy."

Bri H.



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