As the CannaDoula, Jocelyn Adele Thomas takes traditional doula support and applies the same concepts to cannabis advocacy. 


Practicing full spectrum doula principles, the scope of CannaDoula LLC services range from fertility wellness and Birthing Year support to workshops focused on inclusivity within emerging cannabis communities. 

CannaDoula's mission is to serve, educate and empower cannabis and birthwork communities by offering “cannabis-friendly” reproductive health, peer-support, and full-spectrum doula care.

Full-Spectrum CannaDoula
Training Pre-sal


Approaching subjects like safety, informed choice, legal rights and more, CannaDoula provides up to date and evidence and science-based education to their private clients and workshop participants. 

Testimonials & Reviews

"Jocelyn was amazing from the get-go. She worked with us to find a payment plan that fit into our limited budget and then proceeded to provide us with information on places we could do a natural birth."


-Darby, Client


A radical doulamy educational service approach to doula care ensures CannaDoula clients and workshop participants emerge more knowledgable and able to advocate like never before. 


  • Educational workshops

  • Speaking engagements

  • Personalized full-spectrum doula offerings

Cannabis Advocate

Since 2007, I have been a staunch supporter of cannabis decriminalization and legalization. Supporting the choice of disenfranchised or traditionally excluded people in their rights to consume cannabis free of stigma and misinformation is at the core of this advocacy. 


CannaDoula LLC's activism, like it's existence, is always political and controversial. The passion for social justice and community involvement in this work is rooted in a belief in intersectionality, progress, and change. 



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